Castle Rock, CO – Pathmakers Church.  It’s Church, but Different!  Meet up with us at South Ridge, 1100 South Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104.  If you are looking for a church in Castle Rock, Colorado, committed to following the one and only Jesus Christ of the Bible in a non-judgmental, but uncompromising way, then visit Pathmakers Church.  We meet just a short distance south of the famous Castle Rock.

Some really quick perspective on Sunday mornings with Pathmakers Church…

People start showing up at 10:00am.  Great coffee, courtesy of our friends at Lost Coffee, and some yummy breakfast treats are always on the house, so no need to bring cash.  Music starts at 10:10am… some people like to dance and some people like to stand stiff as a board… be yourself and don’t feel the need to apologize for it.

After the music, the kids will enjoy some great Bible-lessons, games, and crafts with fun, background-checked adults during the message.  And the messages are really good.  Really, really good.   Communion is served most weeks and in different ways.  Keeps the meaning special and fresh!

We don’t shake you down for money during the service and we don’t pass any plates, buckets, or nifty-handbags.   We try to wrap up by 11:30am.  Because the real Gospel-centered, Christlike-living happens before and after our times of worship together.

And that’s just the beginning…

We’re glad you visited our site and we hope to see you soon!  Feel free to browse around the site and learn some more about why we do what we do.  Just remember… a website only tells you so much… and Pathmakers is definitely one of those church families you have to visit a few times to really experience the difference.